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Monica is an experienced professional business and personal coach. She has completed her coach training at the Adler School of Professional Coaches and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Her clients are bright motivated professionals, executives, and business owners who wish to advance their careers and or businesses. They have a distinct desire to control what transpires in their lives and “Make It Happen”.

Monica works with her clients to uncover their vision of the ideal future and then helps them devise plans and accountability structures to enable them make their vision their reality. Monica is committed to supporting her clients to balance all aspects of their lives. She understands that when something is out of synch in one’s personal life, it ultimately affects their performance in business or at work. A positive change in one aspect of life can often lead to positive change in other areas in life.

Monica Schmid
She is passionate about understanding what is truly important to her clients and then uncovering what obstacles are getting in the way of their success. This awareness sets the stage for setting goals and co-creating action plans to address these obstacles. She then works with her clients to put critical accountability structures in place to ensure action is taken to support them in realizing their goals.

In addition to her coach training and experience, Monica has over 20 years of corporate experience and has held key leadership positions in several Canadian corporations. She has consulted to numerous organizations and entrepreneurs helping them to strategically plan for the future. She intimately understands the challenges and opportunities associated with businesses of all sizes.

As a coach, you can expect Monica to ask powerful challenging questions, to be honest & straightforward, and to show compassion. Monica’s expectation of her clients is that they have a desire and commitment to change and are courageous enough to take the necessary actions.

“Though no one can go back in time and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” Anonymous
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