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Coaching – Our approach to all our offerings is based on our clients’ desire for change and developing the requisite action and learning required to bring about that change. Deep and lasting change does not happen overnight. It takes time; time to discover, time to reflect, time to learn and time to act. Your coach will help you achieve your desired results whether those desired results are with respect to your career, your business endeavors or your personal life.

Our experience is that a commitment to a minimum of 10 hours over a 3 month time frame is necessary to achieve effective sustainable change.

Transition Coaching – Typically managers spend 4 years in a given position while high potentials have a shorter average time in a given position which is about 2.5 years. This translates to an average of 25% of all managers and 40% of high potentials transitioning in any given year. In conjunction with these statistics, are the numbers of new employees that are continuously transitioning into your organization and in these economic times, the added responsibilities that individuals are taking on as the workforce shrinks.

This constant churn obviously comes at a cost. The coaching program that we recommend is structured to provide concepts, exercises, as well as the development of an organizational and/or personal strategy and associated practical tactics that will quickly enable growth and development in specific areas of professional, leadership and interpersonal life. We aim to cut employee transition time in half, enabling people in transition to be fully productive in 90 days versus the average 188 days.

The minimum time commitment for Career Transition Coaching is 12 weeks.

Personal Strategic Blueprint Development – This is a comprehensive approach to building personal strategic plans. It closely follows a proven strategic planning methodology commonly used by businesses and corporations. The approach is customized based on your particular situation. The output is a clear plan with your overall vision, mission, goals, objectives and a specific action plan on how to realize your goals and objectives. In addition, accountability structures are set up to ensure that you take the appropriate actions needed.

Having a personal strategy is highly motivating. It provides focus and direction as well as a decision framework that makes saying “yes” or “no” to the myriad of opportunities we are presented with much easier.

The minimum time requirement to develop your personal strategic blueprint is 20 hours of coaching as well as 20 hours of personal time generally completed over a 3 month period.

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“If we live out our memory, we’re tied to the past and to that which is finite.
When we live out of our imagination, we’re tied to that which is infinite.” Steven R. Covey


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